Frequently Asked Questions


Is hassle-free installation by a non-handyman possible?

Yes, installation is extremely easy: You just need (1) a lamp with an E26 or E27 socket, (2) a Wi-Fi connection, and (3) a smartphone. Then simply download the ComfyLight App to your smartphone, screw the ComfyLight into the socket, and connect the lamp to your smartphone.

But see for yourself in our installation videos :) 

Installation ComfyLight iPhone

Installation ComfyLight Android

Will the ComfyLight App work with my smartphone?

The ComfyLight App runs on iPhones (iOS 8 and later) and Android phones (version 4.3 and later). If you are not sure if this applies to you, feel free to contact us:

ComfyLight Quickstart Guide

The Quickstart Guide is part of the packaging and comes with your very own ComfyLight. A digital version can also be downloaded here:

ComfyLight Quickstart Guide

How to do a hardware reset?

In order to reset the hardware, please follow the steps described:

(1) Deinstall the app, (2) switch your lamp on and off 5 times and keep the lightbulb in the ON mode. (3) Your ComfyLight should blink several times.

Now you can download the app again and connect your smartphone with your ComfyLight.

How to add and delete users in the ComfyLight App

In our video we show you how to add and delete users in the ComfyLight App: 

User Management ComfyLight


What is the luminosity of a ComfyLight?

In general, the luminosity of a ComfyLight bulb corresponds to that of a traditional light bulb of 60 Watts and 800 lumens. However, our ComfyLight has a special feature: you can control the brightness or luminosity by dimming the light.

How long does a ComfyLight last?

You'll be able to enjoy your ComfyLight for a long time. Its operating lifetime is at least 25,000 hours, which corresponds to around 10 years of normal use.

For which lighting sockets is ComfyLight available?

ComfyLight is currently compatible with an E26 or E27 socket. Additional versions will be available in the future. If the socket you need is not one of these, a lamp base adapter can help; they are available for as little as €1-2.

When will there be ComfyLight for spotlights/floodlights?

Development of a ComfyLight with a GU10 socket for spotlights is planned for 2018. Until then, lamp base adapters can help; they are available for as little as €1-2.

Are there also colored ComfyLights?

Security is our main focus with the current version of ComfyLight. We are not currently planning any colored lighting functionality.


How many ComfyLights can I install in my residence?

Theoretically you can install as many ComfyLights as you wish. The number of devices connected to your internet router is limited to 256 -- but that's still enough for you to illuminate a whole castle ;-)

How many ComfyLights should I install?

We recommend starting with at least two or three lights in order for the automatic simulation of someone at home to be realistic. You can install a ComfyLight in the rooms you often spend time in to begin with, for example. You don't have to decide on a certain number of lights right away; you can order and install additional lights at any time.

What is the minimum body size for ComfyLight to recognize people? Are small children and toddlers recognized also?

Whether ComfyLight recognizes a person does not depend on their size, but rather on a combination of their weight and distance from the ComfyLight. In general, the more a person weighs, the sooner they will be recognized. ComfyLight can recognize sumo wrestling champions from a distance of 20 meters already, for example.

Does ComfyLight also work with housemates or in family households? How many movement patterns are recorded?

ComfyLight is suitable for households of all sizes. You can record as many movement patterns as desired.

Can I choose which resident movement pattern will be simulated?

Manual configuration is not enabled in order to keep ComfyLight simple to use. Also, interfering with the simulation would distort the authentic reproduction of the movement patterns.

Does ComfyLight also work under a lampshade?

Yes, ComfyLight functions under lampshades made of fabric, glass, wood, etc. Metal lampshades are an exception: these block waves from the built-in microwave sensor leading to a significantly decreased diffusion of the waves.


At what level of darkness and light does the lamp turn itself on and off? Can the sensitivity be controlled individually?

It varies from household to household when people prefer to turn lights on and off. That's why the preset brightness threshold of each ComfyLight installed can be adjusted by the user.

Can ComfyLight be dimmed, or can the brightness be adjusted somehow?

Yes, ComfyLight can be dimmed using the App.

Can I also control ComfyLight when I'm not at home?

In general it's possible for you to access and control your ComfyLights from anywhere. But it's not necessary. ComfyLight simulates your being at home itself as soon as the light is in security mode, and informs you of any unwanted guests. So you can enjoy your vacation while ComfyLight watches over your home.

Does ComfyLight work without an internet connection?

Without internet, the lights are in the "automatic lighting" mode. In order to use the security function, you need a Wi-Fi connection.


Do insurance companies recognize ComfyLight protection, as they do alarm systems?

Insurance standards are unfortunately still oriented toward old alarm systems. In most cases one needs a (German) VdS certificate. This has not yet been possible with security solutions that are activated using apps. However, we are sure that certification and insurance companies will be making some changes in the near future due to the increasing user demand for smart security solutions.

How do you ensure that nobody hacks into the technology?

All of our servers and connections are protected and encrypted according to the latest industry standards. And even if the customer were the victim of a hacking attack, nobody could access their address through ComfyLight. This data is saved separately from their movement data. There is explicitly no connection between them.

Do I need special anti-virus software on my smartphone to protect me from hackers?

No, Google Android and iOS are secure as long as the user does not install any unsecure applications.


How much electricity cost does ComfyLight generate?

A ComfyLight results in electricity costs of around €5 per year. When the ComfyLight is in ready mode during the day when there's sufficient light, it uses less electricity than when illuminated.

What additional costs will arise for me due to the continuous Wi-Fi and router activity even when I'm not at home?

The electricity usage of your router does not correspond to how much data is running through it. Routers in general have a very low electricity consumption of around 8 to 10 Watts. If you leave your router running during a two-week vacation, for example, it would cost around one euro.

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